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hi please visit or join this website so you can take part in a quiz

what you can do

hello there this is my web site if there is a problem please contact me through email [email protected] and [email protected] .to make it easier try copying and pasting it.please feel free to have a look at my website


Last update May Friday, 29  2015

latest news for the website!!!! 

 we are now doing alot of work on the website so please dont keep sending me messages to update it i changed the website name because it looked silly we will be taking the Chellaston boys stuff of because i've changed team please note the quiz is now avalible now so ill make a new one and put it on the quiz page but it has not been made yet so the quiz page will be made.we have reached 1000 visits so lets keep it up! so the quiz is now being made i'm going to take it off display because it needs some work on it more info about the quiz if you get 1wrong or all right there will be a surprize if you are wondering how i get the quiz info about your scores i get emailed so please dont lie to me and say you got them all right if you didnt because i can demote you or ban you but dont worry



.please note that we have got a lot to do but still we have got great stuff on our website.


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